In late 1985 after separating in their professional and private lives, LINDSAY AND JACQUELINE MORGAN became solo performers. Until then LINDSAY had only performed as part of a duo or group, he appeared solo for the first time in January 1986. Within one year he had successfully established himself as a solo performer. He had also started to produce and record other artists, such as the young and up-and-coming ALANIS MORISSETTE (See ALANIS page), and country musician/vocalist PAULA MANDERSON. LINDSAY was itching to record again, and this led to him recording a number of tracks at RICH DODSON'S MARIGOLD STUDIOS in TORONTO.

One of those tracks was the adult contemporary song,"TARA". In 1987 he released it independently on own his own record label SINK RECORDS (Single Income No Kids). This was on vinyl, so the flip side was "CASABLANCA", recorded at his own studio but remixed at MARIGOLD. At the same time he released ALANIS MORISSETTE'S first ever single "FATE STAY WITH ME" on LAMOR LABEL (see the ALANIS page), and also a PAULA MANDERSON single "THE COUNTRY GIRL HAS BEEN THERE", he had produced for his SPIDER RECORDS Country Label.


LINDSAY'S single received excellent response from Adult contemporary radio across CANADA and many other countries, in CANADA peaking at #12 on RPM'S ADULT-CONTEMPORARY CHART. This encouraged LINDSAY to write and record his first solo CD at CEDARTREE STUDIOS in KITCHENER, ONTARIO. In 1989, the then 15-year-old ALANIS who was just about to sign her MCA record deal, turned up to add her backing vocals to three of the songs, Cedartree"LOVE IS","THIS OL' ROCK 'N' ROLLER", and "PACK YOUR DREAMS AND FLY". LINDSAY says, 'Yes, that's ALANIS 'breaking up' at the end of that track, it seemed so fresh and spontaneous, I decided to leave it in just for the hell of it".

Named after a ship his father had Captained in the Second World War, the name Lindsay is Scottish and was then quite a common name for a boy or girl in the UK. However, in CANADA over the last few years it has grown far more popular as a girl's name. LINDSAY decided as he was now embarking on a solo career he would dispel any confusion by using his full name LINDSAY THOMAS MORGAN. This didn't always work. Before some appearances people would ask if it was a trio. "You just can't win!" For his latest CD "THE SHORE" he has gone back to using just LINDSAY MORGAN.

However in 1990 his much acclaimed first solo CD was released as"LINDSAY THOMAS MORGAN". That same year the single "FREE" became a top 20 hit, stayed on the charts for 16 weeks, and made the top 100 most played singles in CANADA.

"IF WISHES WERE HORSES" the next single went TOP 20 and also made the TOP 100 singles list in CANADA for the year 1991. A video was completed and released for this song by award winning director DENNIS BEAUCHAMP.

The Hat

Hit singles that followed were "LOVE IS", TOP 40, then "IN THE MIND OF MY WOMAN" a duet with PAULA MANDERSON, TOP 10, and finally "FLY AWAY" TOP 10, which also made the TOP 100 list for 1993. At the same time reaching #1 on the Independent charts in DENMARK where LINDSAY was also named BEST MALE ARTIST, and ALBUM OF THE MONTH in September 1993.

The success of this debut CD earned LINDSAY a nomination for 'OUTSTANDING NEW ARTIST' in the RPM BIG COUNTRY AWARDS, which aired on CBC across CANADA in 1992.

1994, LINDSAY won 1st place in the 'Country' category of the SCARBOROUGH ARTS COUNCIL songwriting contest. The winning song "FLOWERS" he included on his second CD "I NEVER DREAMED", recorded at the WALTERS FAMILY STUDIO, in BRIGHT, ONTARIO. Wanting to move to a more 'traditional' sound on this CD, LINDSAY asked multi-talented musician and recording engineer DARREN WALTERS to co-produce with him. DARREN WALTERS a child prodigy was an experienced recording artist, highly proficient on fiddle, pedal steel guitar, keyboards, and even wind instruments ("although we didn't use him on the latter"). The result is a beautiful album of LINDSAY originals, slightly laid back, compared to his first CD and leaning more to traditional country instrumentation. Many accomplished musicians and singers added their outstanding talents to LINDSAY'S latest project. MADONNA TASSI, who performed the amazing backing vocal on "IF WISHES WERE HORSES", and who also shot the video with LINDSAY, returned to the studio to add her voice to his new CD.

Walters Studio
With Darren Walters and Madonna Tassi
Walters Family Studio 1995

GORD LEMON, Bass guitarist for K.D.LANGS original band 'THE RECLINES', WENDELL FERGUSON lead guitarist and "joke master" from "CODA THE WEST", TORONTO harmonica wizard CHRIS WHITELEY, and CRAIG BIGNELL, 'Mr. Drums', amongst many others were part of that CD.

The song "I NEVER DREAMED" was written by LINDSAY to be sung to his wife and manager DARLENE at their wedding in 1990. Never wanting to waste a "good song", LINDSAY not only included it, but made it the title song for the CD. In 1994 LINDSAY and DARLENE became the proud parents of a baby boy, JESSE THOMAS MORGAN. For years LINDSAY has admired and loved the RUDYARD KIPLING poem 'IF'. Inside the CD cover is a beautiful DENISE GRANT photograph of LINDSAY (during his pony-tail days), holding 3 month old JESSE, with the poem 'IF' superimposed.

Welsh flag During this time LINDSAY was asked to open for TOM JONES during his appearance at LULUS, a bar in KITCHENER, ONTARIO. LINDSAY was born and raised in CARDIFF, WALES and TOM JONES came from PONTYPRYDD, a little WELSH town just 9 miles away. LINDSAY says "I used to hear about TOM, way before he was famous. People would talk about this new fella with the incredible voice. I thought it would be a great opportunity". LULUS then was the biggest bar in the world. "It was a humbling experience to say the least," says LINDSAY, "walking out on stage in front of 3000 panting women, all waiting to see TOM JONES".


In 1994, the same year LINDSAY became a 'first time' Father, he performed his music during a three month tour of CANADA'S west coast . For the next few years LINDSAY concentrated more on close to home, "live" performances, and made being a DADDY his priority. In 1998 a second son DEVON was born. In 2003, LINDSAY released "LOVE SONGS". His very first album of COVER TUNES. However the creative urge began to stir, and after writing and recording once again, "THE SHORE" was finally completed early 2004, and released SEPTEMBER 2004.

QUOTE: When I recorded the song "THE SHORE", I knew I wanted to make it the CD title as well. Bob Warren, who was designing the cover came up with some beautiful shots, that seemed to just match what I was looking for, perfectly. (Don't miss the inside pictures, as well). This is a case where the cover influenced the whole course of the CD. I decided to make it a "SEA" themed CD. profound A return to where I started out in life. 9 are my own compositions, and 5 "cover" tunes, including two JIMMY BUFFETT 's, and my own remake of an old MOODY BLUES album cut. " I've used styles and sounds I have loved and absorbed over my lifetime". "The songs are meant to be different". "It's basically my 'take' on 'life', in all its wonder, struggle, joy and heartache". "The most profound change in my life, becoming a Father, has obviously found it's way into some of my songs". "I hope it comes across how much I love, and honour, and am continuously in awe, of the responsibility of parenthood".

"For all my life I have had the joy of making my living singing and playing music"."No one to answer to, but my own conscience, no one to please but myself and my loved one"."We all take our own parents 'love' for granted". "Then suddenly I found myself looking into the face of my own child, and experiencing true, life-changing, "unconditional love" in all it's purity". "Talk about chains of love". "Oh boy, I can just imagine what these two little terrors are going to put me through". "That's how I wrote"THE SHORE", and why it's dedicated to DARLENE, JESSE and DEVON".

"My hope is that this CD invokes more than one smile along with a few tears, but more importantly, that in the hearts and spirits of others, the songs ring true".


For quite some time now, I've had this idea to go back to my first years in CANADA and record just some of my favourite CANADIAN songs, right up to the present. I started working on this project in 2006 and finished it in 2007. Almost all of the songs on this CD have a personal connection.
See the notes on the CD page "WAITING SO LONG".