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Lindsay Morgan releases first CD for young listeners

By Chris Clark

Lindsay Morgan has never fancied himself a children's entertainer, but that hasn't stopped him from recording a new album especially for the younger set.

Aptly titled "Kids Songs", the new CD is a bright. and sprightly compilation of 14 original songs. The tunes burst with energy, and the easy-to-sing lyrics and melodies that children pick up quickly and will enjoy singing along with.

A number of the tracks were written as many as 15 years ago, when Lindsay and manager Darlene Morgan's children were still young. As Lindsay puts it, the songs were "filed away in a drawer" until the time came to revisit and re-record them.

The popular local entertainer decided to release his collection of children's songs following  the success of his CD of two years ago, "Christmas is For Kids." The disc sold well, and continued to sell throughout 2011. One song in particular, the Buck Owens number "Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy," is still being played on Galaxie music.

"It's really neat to see that I'm being played every day," Morgan said. "My hope is to appeal to families, all ages really, with this new disc. The songs go from ridiculous to social commentary, and are fun for all audiences."

As always, the Holstein-based musician has invited the talents of a number of area artists and performers.

Immediately evident is the skill of Neustadt illustrator Gary McLaughlin, whose  original artwork for the
CD cover features an energetic ensemble of animals riding a double-decker bus. There's an el­ephant in a pompadour, a hippo in a tutu, skunks, monkeys and, at the top of it all with his smile beaming and arms spread in welcome, is the musician himself.
The animal theme threads its way in and out of the entire song collection, from "The Platypus Song" and "The Hippopotamus Dance", to "Penguins" and "El­vis the Elephant."
Two songs, "Family" and "Idiosyncra­sies", have been included from "Ebenezer", Morgan's take on the Scrooge story and his first musical of original songs. The final cut on the CD is "Jesse's Song", a tune Lindsay wrote for his son and originally featured. on an earlier release, "The Shore."

For "Kids Songs", Lindsay enlisted the help of old friends Kit Patterson and Ian Tanner for additional keyboards, Craig Bignell on drums; as well as Dianne Leith, Laurie Aitken, Kim Stewart, Kyle Calder and Patterson on backing vocals.

Mrs. Leith also conducted a youth choir for some of the songs, featuring the talents of Emily Aitken, Amanda Echlin, Katrina Leblanc, Alex McAlpine, Sarah Milne, Emily Milne, Re­becca Parker, Erin Parker, Kailey Renton and Anna Vanderheide.

Also adding their vocal tal­ents to the kid's choir on several of the tracks are: Alexa Bye, Elyshia Bye, Avery Dowling, Lorynne Dowling, Macie Kehl, Anna Lennox, Maddison Mar­shall, Evelyn Nanninga, Sandra Nanninga, Marygrace Nanninga, Brooke North, Elijah Warner and Megan Wilson.

Kids Songs

"They're good, and there's just some fabulous young talent out there," Morgan said of the young choir, with kudos to Mrs. Leith's skilled direction. "I'm very pleased indeed with this CD."

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